All too often, the role of property management is the most underestimated function within the real estate industry. This complex task requires training and experience. April Realty Services Inc. has the training and experience.

Obviously, not all management is effective management. It is not unusual to find two similar properties in the same locale with similar amenities, yet one is generating higher-than-market operating expenses and lower-than-average net rental levels, while the other is right on target.  The reason?  Property Management Technique.

The single most important controllable variable is operating management.

April Realty Services, Inc. believes that prompt collection of rents is vital to the operation of your property.  April Realty Services, Inc. will verify and pay all bills from the collected rents.  We will not make any expenditure, nor incur any non-recurring contractual obligation exceeding an amount mutually agreed upon with you.  Notwithstanding these limitations, we will, on your behalf, and without prior consent, expend any amount to deal with emergency conditions which may involve a danger to life or property, or which may threaten the safety of the property or the residents.  April Realty Services, Inc. will compile computerized operating statements for owners, showing in detail all income and expenses on a monthly basis. April Realty Services Inc. works hard to retain good tenants to minimize your turnover expense.

To handle your property’s maintenance, April Realty Service, Inc. will hire, pay, negotiate collective bargaining with, supervise, and discharge, if necessary, all personnel required to maintain and operate your property in an efficient manner.  We will ensure that all maintenance requests are processed, verifying all data, scheduling work according to priority, assigning each job to the most qualified personnel, and following up to ensure good work quality.

Your leasing and marketing needs can also be handled by the April Realty Services, Inc. staff.   Lost rental income is one of the major expenses for an owner.  Security deposits will help to defray this to some extent, and, of course, vacancy loss spread over multiple properties is less damaging than for single properties.  April Realty Services, Inc. can help find, interview, screen and qualify your prospective resident.  Each applicant is meticulously screened and interviewed to determine:

1.  Ability to pay

2.  Rental History

3.  Employment History

4.  Individual Property Requirements

5.  All Other Standard and Pertinent Data

April Realty Services, Inc. can also analyze each property and its environments in order to determine the best possible market approach.  Market surveys, past and present trends, amenity surveys and regional and neighborhood analyses can be performed to determine the best possible strategy needed.

We believe that April Realty Service, Inc. is eminently qualified to meet and serve all of your management needs.  Ultimately, you will agree that we understand your special requirements, and that we are prepared to satisfy them with the broadest range of services, the finest staff, and the most excellent real estate background to be found in Austin.

Our management services consist of but are not limited to:

1.  Monthly accounting and bookkeeping.

2.  Property inspections.

3.  Full maintenance services provided by Maintenance Division at related costs.

4.  24 Hour Emergency service by management and maintenance.

5.  Market analyses and leasing campaigns.

6.  Negotiate contracts and supervise contractors and their subs.

7.  Property Rehabilitation provided by Maintenance Division at related costs.

8.  Marketing and sale of property through proven referrals


Single House, Duplex, Four-Plex and Multi-Family Residential 5 to 20 units.

Management Fee Options:

1.  Percentage of gross monthly income at 6% to 10%.

2.  Flat rate fee.

3.  1% discount for 10 or more units

Leasing Fee:

1. 80% of first month’s rent on new leases.

2.  Renewal of existing leases at $75.00 per lease.

This is a brief outline of our services.  For more information, please feel free to call us at (512) 442-6500.


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