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Where Professional Property Management Techniques Will Bring Exceptional Value to Your Properties.

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April Realty Services, Inc.

When the need arises for you to seek a qualified property management company, we hope you will think of April Realty Services, Inc. As a total real estate service, we offer more than brokerage and leasing. April Realty Services, Inc. also offers the finest services available in the field of property management for houses, duplexes, commercial and retail properties. True property management is more than just the collection of rents and scheduling of maintenance. It requires professional attention to detail, expertise in analyzing current trends, and a willingness to care for your property in a manner benefiting our reputation — and yours.

If you have a single unit or a multi-million dollar property, you may be considering the best possible route to effective management. Perhaps you consider undertaking this job yourself, or you wisely decide to employ the services of a professional management firm such as April Realty Services, Inc.